New Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Blower

Milwaukee is releasing a new dual battery leaf blower. This appears to be following in Makita’s footsteps with the dual battery 36v system, though there hasn’t been any mention that this is being powered by both batteries at the same time but that is to be the assumption. The brushless motor delivers up to 600 […]

Festool Dual Battery Charger TCL 6 DUO

Festool announced the upcoming release of their dual 18v charger this upcoming fall. This has long been overdue, with Makita and Dewalt having dual chargers going back years. With Festool expanding their tool line up with more tools using their 2x 18v batteries to deliver 36v of power, the dual charger is becoming necessary. Currently, […]

Milwaukee Pipeline 2022 – New Tools Announced

Milwaukee just had their 2022 pipeline event, and with that came the announcement of all their upcoming new tools! Most of the tools are updated to their current lineup, with new tools users have long been waiting on. Milwaukee M18 Cordless Track Saw The biggest is the new Milwaukee M18 cordless track saw. M18 Cordless […]

Milwaukee announces M18 Cordless Belt Sander

Milwaukee just announced a new¬†Milwaukee 2832-20 M18 FUEL 3-in. x 18-in. Cordless Belt Sander at their 2022 Pipeline event. This is a long list of items that Milwaukee just announced at their Pipeline event but one of the most notable. Not many companies have cordless belt sanders available but with the progress with battery tech […]

Festool Announced 8 Ah High Power Battery Pack

Festool is launching a new line of cordless tools this September, and to go along with them, they are also releasing their most giant battery pack to date with the 8 Ah High Power Airstream battery. Currently, Festool’s largest battery has been their 6.2 Ah, with their new high power 4 AH being the main […]

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Track Saw Revealed

It has been a long time coming but Milwaukee is finally showing off their upcoming M18 cordless track saw. Following Festool and Makita’s footsteps, the track saw is becoming one of the most popular tools for woodworkers and homeowners allowing you to easily rip down large pieces of plywood without a table saw. They haven’t […]

Festool announces cordless Kapex miter saw

Today Festool announced the new cordless Kapex sliding compound miter saw, the KSC 60. The Kapex KCS 60 is Festool’s first cordless miter saw that runs off 2 of their 18v batteries providing 36v power as their cordless TSC55 track saw. They claim the battery life will provide all-day working power for Jobsite applications but […]

Retrofit Festool OF 1400 Router with LED Lights

Just as an introduction and caveat I have a basic understanding of electronics, and my calculations seem to be correct, but more knowledgeable persons may be able to provide further guidance and input to improve this project. I cannot guarantee that this retrofit will not void your warranty or will not have an adverse effect […]

Write for ToolCurve

ToolCurve is a tool company where we manufacture tools and tool accessories for some of the most popular brands like Festool, Dewalt, Makita and more. We are looking fellow tool fanatics who would be interested in writing and sharing their knowledge with the community with tool reviews and how to articles. Why write for this […]

Festool Track Saw No Snag Adapter Instructions

The ToolCurve No Snag adapter is designed to be a replacement for Festool’s swivel dust port connector on your Festool track saws. The installation is pretty simple and straight forward, the only tool you will need is a Torx 15 bit / screw driver. There are 5 screws holding the front blade cover to the […]