Festool Systainers 3rd Generation Review

By ToolCurve | April 16, 2024

Festool has announced the 3rd generation of their popular Systainer system. The new SYSTAINER³ features an array of new features along with backward compatibility with the original T-Loc system. Systainers are a key selling point with many Festool users and are one of the best mobile storage tool systems on the market. They allow you to securely store your tools and transport them with ease from your shop to the job site.

Festool Systainer 3 features

One of the new features that stick out with the new design is the addition of a front handle, a lot of the new features have been designed with work truck mobility in mind allowing you to easily pull the Systainer out when latched into a racking system. The top handle has been flipped to lift up from the front and they now have a notch in the front next to the T-Loc where the lid connects with the body so you can place a padlock on the Systainer to protect your tools from theft while out on the job. The t-loc latch has a slightly redesigned being a little more compact.

The build quality seems to have increased a bit too, the wall thickness seems about the same but the bottom seems to have a new woven pattern providing for better stability along with a better-designed hinge for added support. Comparing the Systainer to Milwaukee Packout for durability the Packout easily wins but that comes at the added cost of a much bigger, thicker system. Where most Festool users tend to baby their tools a bit more than the big box store tools due to the added cost. Unless you are on a job site and tossing your Systainers around I don’t see this being an issue.

We made a video going over the new features of the 3rd generation Systainers and what to expect once the new tools start to come loaded in them.

Systainer 3 sizes

The sizes have also been updated. Instead of the normal SYS 1, SYS 2, SYS3 naming system they are named based on their height in millimeters. The SYS 1 equivalent is now the SYS M 112, with the 112 being the height in millimeters.

They also added 3 different size widths with the traditional size widths being the Systainer M (medium). They added a SYS L (Large) and a SYS XXL (Extra Large). below is a graph with the different sizes.

Systainer 3rd Generation Sizes

SYS Organizers

Along with the new sizes, they have also released a new addition to the Systainers called the SYS Organizers. These come with clear lids filled with different size bins designed to be used to store various nuts and bolts. The Systainer Organizers also come in the standard M size and the new L size widths.


Festool SYS DF Lid Systainers

Festool is bringing the much-loved lid compartments from the Systainer second generation to the new Systainer 3s. They are available in all sizes for the M (medium) width Systainers 3s and if they follow the same route as the Systainer 2s, the lids will be swappable with any other Systainer.  They are currently just in Europe but it looks like Festool will be bring the updated lid compartments here to the states in September 2022.

Festool Systainer 3 Lid Department upgrade

Final Thoughts

The Festool Systainer was already one of the best robust toolbox systems on the market, the upgraded features just add and improve on already a great system. In conclusion, if you have been a fan of the Systainer system, the 3rd generation Systainers will be a welcomed upgrade. Festool has started including some of their smaller tools such as sanders and drills in the 3rd generation systainers and will be rolling out the rest of the tools in the updated Systainers throughout 2021.