Utility Rack for MFT/3 Table

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Manufacturer: ToolCurve
Tool Brand: Festool
Tool Type: MFT/3 Table


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ToolCurve’s MFT/3 table utility rack allows you to store all your accessories by your side and off your work surface.

  • Store 6 quick clamp or screw clamps
  • Can store up to 4 bench dogs when not in use
  • Large tray for pencils, rulers, or any accessory for your MFT/3 Table
  • Securely fits into your MFT/3 table t-track profile. Keep your items off your workbench but by your side when needed

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  1. Mike

    The items were of high quality with good fit and finish to my MFT.

  2. Ki Taek

    Perfect fit for MFT table! Slots for clamps are bit tight but will losen up as I use it more. Great product!

  3. Jacinto

    Absolutely outstanding, this product it’s helping me a lot to keep more organized my Festool clamps!

  4. Petre

    Great product. Works as advertised. A little tight on some clamps.

  5. Adam Donnelly

    Added to my Festool MW 1000 and it fit perfectly. Looking forward to utilizing for organization and adding a few more Festool clamps.

  6. Nate

    The clamp fits the MFT table well. The clamps slide in very tightly (I would prefer a little looser)- otherwise great. Nice design. Very practical. I use the tray for the 20mm “bench cookies”- it fits 16 comfortably.

  7. Max Jenson

    Lots of great storage in one convenient tray. Love accessorizing my MFT with Toolcurve

  8. Stuart Miller

    Great manufacturing. Thanks again

  9. Michelle Schry

    Where has this thing been my whole life?! Great convenience/ problem solver. Just get one – you won’t regret it.