Workbench Hose & Plug-it Holder

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Manufacturer: ToolCurve
Tool Type: MFT/3 Table


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ToolCurve’s Plug-it hose and plug-it holder
  • Store your 27mm or 36mm hose and plug it cable by your side
  • Keeps your hose off the floor and next to you when needed
  • Quick access to your plug-it cable to quickly attach to your sanders
  • Available for Dash-Board, Kreg ACS and MFT/3 workbench profiles

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  1. Andrew Fielding

    John’s clearly been busy because of his quality tool accessories. This has saved me tons of time from leaning over and finding my hose to plug in to tools — great tool, will be buying mor accessories for sure.

  2. DD

    Superb product! Beautifully finished! A must for the Festool MFT tables.

  3. John null

    Use this daily workout out great

  4. Mark

    Nice product. Shipping was fast!! If you are thinking about this product, get it!!