Festool Hose Adapter for Dewalt Miter Saw

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Festool 27mm hose clips
Includes 8 plug-it hose clips.
24.95 $19.95

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Manufacturer: ToolCurve
Tool Brand: Dewalt
Tool Type: Miter Saw


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Festool Hose Adapter for Dewalt Miter Saw DWS779, DWS780, DWS716, DHS790 and any other Dewalt saw with their newer dust port as shown in the picture above.

Curvetec Adapter Features

  • Connect your Festool hose to your Dewalt miter saw
  • Twist lock design, allows you to lock the adapter on your Festool hose
  • Made in Festool green for easy spotting in the workshop
  • All of Toolcurve’s adapters are labeled with the hose size and the tool they connect to

Customer Reviews

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  1. Eder

    Perfect fit for my miter saw dust collection port.


    Great company with lots of products. Shipped fast! Unfortunately I ordered the wrong part. They were great to work with.

  3. amy

    Perfect fit for us! Thank you!

  4. The Reclaimed Mill

    The product fit my DWS779 perfectly and the hose to my Festool CT36 fits right in now!

  5. Kane Shamoon

    Product was exactly what I had expected and they responded almost instantly when I reached out to them. If/when I need something else that they offer, I will have no problem buying from them again!

  6. Marti Selby

    As my husband says, “the dust collection on that is as good as it’s ever going to get.”

  7. Christopher Swoyer

    Great fitment, slides on and stays connected without the rib.

  8. wmgeorge1

    Worked great just what I needed. I will probably pick up a few more for my CT vac.

  9. Josh Riddle

    Fits like a glove! Quick shipping :)

  10. Michael C

    I’ve been looking for an adapter like this for a while now. It’s the perfect fit and doesn’t fall off when the saw moves. Way better than a duct tape and random connector!

  11. Eric

    Fit was nice and snug, have bought several of these adaptors now.

  12. Ben Kuhl

    Works perfectly for my dewalt/festool ct 26 setup.

  13. Christopher Forcenito

    Good product !!!