Bosch 1617 LR 32 Hole Drilling Set

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Rail Compatiablity

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Manufacturer: ToolCurve
Tool Brand: Bosch
Tool Type: Router


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Bosch 1617 LR 32 plunge router hole drilling set.

The kit comes with our standard 1617 plunge base router adapter and our plunge base LR 32 plate. The plunge base can be used as a standalone rail connector for making dados.

Then you can use the ToolCurve LR 32 plate to register hole plunge positions with our spring loaded 6mm knob that locks in place so you get an accurate plunge each time. It also includes 2 guide rail stops to register the guide rail on each end of your panel for repeat hole drillings.

What’s included

  • Bosch 1617 Plunge Base Rail Adapter
  • ToolCurve’s LR32 rail adapter
  • 2 Guide Rail Drop Stops

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  1. Quinn (verified owner)

    Man I bought this to make an MFT top, and the play/wiggle is insane. The major problem is the connection between the base plate of the router and the adapter that sits on the LR32, it’s a friction fit with no fittings or screws.

    So as you slide it down the rail the router and/or connector piece might pop off – which is the second problem. The adapter sitting on the rail is very prone to coming unattached.

    There’s another 3d printer adapter on Etsy which has fine adjustment and looks more solid. I regret buying this.