Parallel Guides for Makita Track Saw Guide Rail

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Manufacturer: ToolCurve
Tool Brand: Makita
Tool Type: Track Saw


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ToolCurve’s Parallel Guide system for the Makita guide rail. These are designed to be used with the Incra T-Track Plus rails which can be purchased from your local supplier or online retailers (eBay, Amazon, Woodcraft).The Parallel Guide system allows you to make consistent, repeatable rip cuts parallel to your cut line.

ToolCurve Parallel Guide Set Includes:

  • (2) Guide rail brackets with (6) 5mm stainless knurled screws
  • (2) Length adapters with (2) 5mm stainless knurled screws
  • (4) 30mm t-nut spacers (2) 65mm dual t-nut spacers


The ToolCurve Parallel Guide package DOES NOT include the Incra T-Tracks Plus. These must be purchased separately for your desired size. They offer 18in, 24in, 36in and 48in lengths . You will need a pair of any size to complete your parallel guide set.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Eric Olson

    The responsiveness and service was impeccable! I haven’t used the parts yet but they seem to be high quality. I do have the router guide that works great.

  2. John C

    Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of “gizmos and attachments”. But these fixtures do add functionality to your track saw. This tool lets you make repeatable-offset cuts with your track saw, and saves a ton of time. And they’re well made.

  3. Gary Knowles

    Well made and functional parts. Works well with my makita track saw.

  4. John Lee

    Game changer! Bought 36” incra t track plus for these and cross cuts are so much easier!

  5. Paul Howad

    Great quality, fits my Wen track rail I would recommend ToolCurve. I look forward to much use with these parallel guides. My woodworking hobby keeps Me occupied and productive.

  6. Chris H

    John answered any questions I had and shipped the items quickly. The items I ordered are well made and for a very great price. Will definitely purchase from him with any future needs.

  7. David D

    High quality, works as described. Makes track saw rails even easier to use, also adding router support to track saw rails

  8. Terri Babij

    The kit appears to be as described. Unfortunately the items were shipped almost a week after the promised delivery date. So this tells me the items were not in stock. Once the items were finally shipped they arrived quickly. I have to sent to family in US because the cost to ship to Canada is outrageous. There are no duties for US made items coming into Canada. I will be picking up the Incra tracks to use with my Makita Tracksaw. Now sadly much less to purchase.

  9. Chris John

    High quality at great price – great value!