Festool 197in Clear Replacement Splinter Guard

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Festool 495209 FS-SP 5000/t clear splinter guard. Festool guide rails are available in eight different lengths from 32 In. to 197 In. (800 to 5000 mm), providing the right length for straight, splinter-free cutting in just about any application. The integrated splinter guard is a critical guide rail system component, and after some time and heavy use, will need to be replaced.


  • A clear splinter guard enhances the visibility of the cut line
  • A fresh splinter guard can be matched perfectly to the saw blade, providing precise alignment to your cut line, saving valuable setup time
  • A fresh splinter guard is the best protection against tear-out, for cuts both with the grain and across
  • Change your splinter guard if you are switching between different kerfed blades or different saws, ensuring a precise match
  • Includes one 197in (5000mm) Clear Splinterguard

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